Akbayan Youth is a youth wing of Akbayan Citizens Action Party. It seeks to promote democracy, equity, humanism, and internationalism bound by diverse and dynamic knowledge and experiences, and committed to seeking and traversing a socialist path in breaking traditional and elite politics and ultimately catalyzing social change through progressive activism.

Ayala Young Leaders Alliance (AYLA) is the official alumni network of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC). AYLA today has 728 members, with 17 local and 5 ad-hoc chapters in key cities of the country, working together on various development and community-based initiatives.

The AYLC, now on its 11th year, is an annual student leadership congress supported by the Ayala Corporation and its Group Companies as an expression of their commitment to nation-building through youth leadership.

“Educating the young generation while seeking their motivation and addressing the decline in their political and electoral participation.” The first time voter’s project is a networking and education program which aims to raise meaningful participation of the youth in Philippine political processes by examining socio-political economic issues and encouraging voters’ critical choice and active political involvement towards alternative politics and good governance. 4.8 million First time voters were registered last 2004 elections, an estimate of 9 million young people will register in May 2010 — these could definitely reshape Philippine politics!

In every beginning lies an opportunity for change. This has been the guiding light of more than a hundred student council leaders from major universities and colleges nationwide when they converged to forge greater solidarity and unity in 1996.

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) is actively involved in local, sectoral, and national campaigns, with a focused leadership capable of responding to new challenges and opportunities. It is also working for progressive reforms in the educational system.

The search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) was initiated in 2002 by Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, who noted that there were very few awards that acknowledged the contribution and efforts of youth groups and organizations.

TAYO has emerged to be the country’s foremost award for youth organizations. It is given annually to ten outstanding Filipino youth clubs that have undertaken a recent project or program that has benefited a local community to which they belong.

The WhyNot? Forum is a smorgasbord of great, brave ideas–an open-source innovation soup that will hopefully inspire other Filipinos to connect adjunct thoughts, take impactful action, and weave together new breakthrough ideas–redefining and challenging the inertia of the status quo; all in the spirit of positive change for the Philippines. This is NOT your usual forum. It is NOT boring, stiff, nor bland. The spirit of the WhyNot? Forum is impassioned, quirky, revolutionary, irreverent, and innovative.

Think new thoughts, share big dreams, do brave things…

Young Public Servants (YPS) is a group of young, dynamic individuals focused on promoting Good Governance and Democratic Citizenship among the youth. It believes that these elements are critical in developing a new, focused, and dedicated generation of leaders. YPS works to establish the foundations of governance and citizenship through a wide range of activities involving nation-building and civic participation.

It is part of the International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov).

Youth Alliance Philippines (YAP) is a network of young professionals, student volunteers, youth community workers, and youth-serving organizations that focuses on strengthening the youth sector as a driving force in nation-building.

YAP Implements various initiatives that respond to the needs of the youth, enhance their interest in social involvement, and promote a national identity that each young Filipino would be proud to live up to.


2 Responses to Partners

  1. bert says:

    pano po ba maG-JOIN SA Youth VOTE Philippine

    im bert from RMTU masinloc zambales

  2. bert says:

    pkisend n lng po e-mail q ung information.

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