Youth Pulse: Is it time for Charter Change?

October 18, 2008

Youth Pulse is a weekly poll that aims to find out what YOU think about key election-related issues.

If you have more things to say aside from the multiple-choice answers here, feel free to comment here, or email us at and let us know if we can post your letter as a blog entry!

*This poll closes on Sunday, 26 October 2008*

Want to read up on Charter Change? Here are some archived Web articles and blog posts that we found:

‘No legal way to extend President’s term’ – Mikey Arroyo ( – 17 October 2008)

SC needs to resolve Charter Change vote ( – 3 October 2008)

Philippine Daily Inquirer special feature on Charter Change

The Daily PCIJ archive for ‘charter change’

Other WordPress blogs tagged ‘charter change’

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines’s (SCAP) official position on Charter Change

charter-change-in-full-steam-once-again-asian-analysis-2006-0206 (by Lorraine Carlos Salazar for Asian Analysis, 6 February 2006)

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