About Us

Youth Vote Philippines (YVote) is an alliance among various youth and reform-minded organizations for 2010 and beyond. The objective of the group is to create offline and online collaboration for voter’s education and increasing voter’s registration. This campaign will be a series of events to be launched nationwide with pilot sites in Cebu, Davao, Baguio and Manila.We envision strategic alliances for 2016 with 2010 as a starting point for collaboration.

Youth Vote Philippines brings together expertise of the various youth organizations in implementing voter’s education. It has integrated the School Caravan programs of YAP and AYLC and information programs of FTV, SCAP, and Akbayan Youth–combined with technology innovation and an information portal from YPS. Not to mention the marketing and program expertise of the WhyNot? Foum and networking with the experts in TAYO, the Reform Coalition, INCITEGov, and the MGG.

We believe that it is in alliances and collaboration that we can move forward towards reform. Let’s all work together for 2010 and beyond!


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6 Responses to About Us

  1. […] Garchitorena of Youth Vote Philippines says one cannot blame some people for choosing not to […]

  2. juan says:

    Youth Vote is crucial come 2010. We must encourage the youth to participate. Voter education is important.

    I encourage everyone to join http://www.filipinofirst.org, a site where we could discuss about our potential presidentiables

  3. the youth vote is crucial and the ang kapatiran party see’s that in the high proportion of interest we are getting form supporters and even candidate aspirants being 40’s and below.
    kudos to youth vote as this is following a new direction ” doing the RIGHT THINGS and doing THINGS RIGHT”
    choosing the platforms instead of persons who change after elected,then voting and ensuring that they win and they do what their platform commited
    Sa Kabutihan Panglahat

  4. malou cortez says:

    hi,this is malou secretariat of sugod bulacan movement,we support movement for good governance,we are willing to support youth vote phil….looking forward for a tie up with your org.hoping that we could spread our advocacy on good governance here in bulacan by working hand in hand w/ you

  5. Ronald says:

    How can i become a member of youth vote?

  6. Marlowe Camello says:

    The Grand Jury and Trial Jury System is the way to go

    “The Jury Is the Only Anchor ever yet Imagined by Man That Can Hold a Government to the Principle of Its Constitution” ..U.S. Pres. Thomas Jefferson

    The surest means to stop government corruption is by sending to prison all grafters and all other serious crime offenders regardless of their government power, royalty or wealth. Imprisonment is the only means to force grafters to obey the rule of law. This can be easily and peacefully achieved by the adoption of the JURY SYSTEM.

    The jury system has been proven highly effective in the U.S. for over 200 years now. This is why government grafters cannot stay long in their acts of corruption in that country. We can easily adopt it and I can draft the appropriate law for you to implement Art. II, Sec. 1, of our Constitution by means of people’s initiative in RA 6735. We cannot rely on a corrupt government to create it because corrupt officials are afraid that the people will be able to send them speedily to prison judicially by ordinary citizens like you and me by means of juries.

    What is a JURY? It is an organized group of private citizens who have no legal education with average intelligence and presided by a judge pursuant to law. They are chosen by lottery and sworn to render justice in their community independent from government decision or control.

    The only accepted legal means for a citizen to learn how to serve as a juror is in the Jury System itself by jury instruction of the judge. Any attempt by a juror even if he is a lawyer to learn a law not given in the court instruction about the case is irrelevant and waste of time because he will be told to disregard his prior legal education.

    Private citizens are not afraid to decide in justice against powerful corrupt officials because their jobs with their private employers are beyond the control of corrupt officials with whom they owe no gratitude to such officials.

    By adopting the jury system, ordinary citizens become true masters over their public servants. They derive their sovereign power directly from the constitution and not from public officials. With juries, the people can see or observe and prosecute all grafters in their respective localities around the country.

    An “honest” President who claims he can prevent corruption without juries is not truthful to himself and to the people he serves because he knows naturally that he cannot personally see at all times and prosecute all grafters all over the country specially if the grafter is his own close relative, but juries can. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    There are two common synergetic jury systems. One is the GRAND JURY(GJ) composed of 23 members, and the other is the TRIAL JURY (TJ) composed of 12 members. The role of a GJ is to secretly investigate serious crimes and files within 60 days its indictment independently and directly in court without seeking permission from the government upon its finding of a probable cause that the crime suspect has committed the crime.

    GJ members vote secretly to arrive at their collective decision to indict so that nobody can impute its decision to any particular member. GJ members do not use their true names to serve. They use security code names issued to them by the judge who swears them to serve. The purpose of secret GJ investigation is to counter the acts of crime offenders who usually commit crimes in secret.

    The TJ (Trial Jury) is the counter-part of the GJ. Its proceeding is open to the public. Its presiding judge has no part in deciding a court case. His role is limited: To enforce court discipline, issue simplified jury instructions to jurors and lawyers and to rule on the admissibility of evidence during the trial. He instructs the jury on the proper law, the only law, to be applied to the case. Trials will be conducted with translators in the local dialect of the jurors.

    The job of the jurors is simple. They are instructed to sit, listen, and not to talk during the trial. They are forbidden during court recess from talking about the case even among themselves, or to the judge, or to their family members and practically to any person whatsoever before completion of the trial.

    The jurors can talk about the case only when finally they are ordered by the judge to deliberate in a secret room where no one, not even the judge, is permitted to enter.

    Jurors are forbidden to talk about any law they have learned outside the proceedings. If a juror will apply a law not given in their instruction, it will cause a mistrial which means they cannot, or will not be allowed to, decide the case. Jurors are also forbidden to view the scene of the crime on their own which can also cause a mistrial.

    Everything that the jurors decide on must be based on facts and the law they have heard or seen in the trial proceedings. Violation of jury instruction is punishable by imprisonment for direct contempt of court upon order by the judge.

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