365 Days Concert on May 11, 2009, Music Museum

365DaysToChangePoster2bDear Friends,

On behalf of the Movement for Good Governance, may I invite you to a concert on Monday, May 11, 2009 at 8:00 pm at the Music Museum to raise awareness and funds for the 2010 elections and beyond. Entitled 365 Days to Change – Todo na ‘to, the concert marks off exactly one year left to a very important Presidential and General Election for the country. MGG has teamed up with ArtistsRevolution, a group of concerned artists, musicians, cmposers, singers, and directors, to help raise awraeness about the importance of these elections to good governance.

MGG was launched last year and is a group dedicated to promoting good governance. It’s initial activities are focused on voter registration and education (in partnership with Youth Vote Philippines and Young Public Servants); election automation, selection criteria and scorecards for candidates, and town hall meetings with candidates on specific public policy issues Proceeds of the concert will go towards funding communication efforts and workshops of both MGG and ArtistsRevolution to enable us to reach more people in voter education programs.

For the concert, ArtistsRevolution has brought together a wonderful cast composed of Juana Change, Jim Paredes, Joey Ayala, Isay Alvarez, Robert Sena, Leah Navarro, Radioactive Sago, and many others to bring to you a show that promises to be entertaining, educational, and thought-provoking, all at the same time. Ticket prices are available at P500 P1000, P2000, P3000, P4500, and P6000. If you would like to buy tickets and donate them to students, that would be great too. For tickets and inquiries please email yvotephilippines@gmail.com or wedeservebetterph@gmail.com

Thank you!

Best regards,


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